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Decal System Pro

The Decal System Pro allows you to project selected parts of materials onto existing geometry. It has been designed to be intuitively usable and highly configurable at the same time.

Compared to the free version it has more features, like support for vertex colors, texture atlas assets and affect details.

Questions and Feedback

If you have any question, suggestion, feedback or criticism about the Decal System, feel free to post them in this Unity Forum Thread. We are happy to reply to every post!


All videos are bundled in the Decal System playlist. But you may also watch the Decal System Pro ones directly on this site.


Decal System Pro Features

Compared to the Decal System, the Pro version has some unique features. On this page you find a description of those features with additional information how they can be practically relevant. Vertex Colors The vertex colors allow you to give each projector another color. This gives you the possibility to have a lot of variations …

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Decal System Pro Update Guide

1. Backup Before you start the actual update, backup your project. Make sure that no data is lost. 2. Delete the Outdated Version Delete the Decal System folders from your project. Those are Assets/Plugins/Decal System, Assets/Plugins/Editor/Decal System and Assets/Decal System Demos. Make sure that those folders don’t contain any data you need in your project. …

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