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Upgrade Guide to Cloud System 1.6 or Newer

Cloud System 1.6 comes with a rearranged folder hierarchy and bundles the majority of the scripts in managed dll’s. All clouds that have been created with earlier versions stay compatible. The source code is still present. You find it in the CloudSystemSource.unitypackage. Due to the major changes, we have created this short upgrade guide. Those steps are necessary for each project that is using an older version of the Cloud System.

1. Backup

Before you start the actual update, backup your project. Make sure that no data is lost.

2. Delete the Outdated Cloud System

Delete the Cloud System folder from your project. Make sure that it doesn’t contain any cloud prefab that is used in your project.

3. Import the Newest Cloud System

Download and import the newest version of the Cloud System from the Unity Asset Store.

4. Test the Clouds

All the clouds should be fully functional now. Make sure that this is really the case!


If you have any questions about this guide, ask them in this Unity forum thread or write us an email.