Decal System Pro

The Decal System Pro allows you to project selected parts of materials onto existing geometry. It has been designed to be intuitively usable and highly configurable at the same time. Compared to the free version it has more features, like support for vertex colors, texture atlas assets and affect details. Questions and Feedback If you …

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Cloud System

The Cloud System and its free edition Cloud System Free are available in the Unity Asset Store. It is an artist friendly and time saving tool to create volumetric billboard based clouds in Unity. Questions and Feedback If you have any question, suggestion, feedback or criticism about the Cloud System, feel free to post them …

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Rigify to Unity

Rigify to Unity 1.2 is available in the Unity Asset Store. Rigify is a Blender Addon that allows users to create animator friendly rigs with nearly no extra effort. It heavily simplifies the animation process, but produces several meshes and bones that are not needed in Unity. This package removes all unneeded parts of models …

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