Oct 12


I am finally back!

My next task is to publish new versions of the Cloud System and Decal System which resolve some issues. There is probably going to be an additional package in the Decal System with some dll’s for Unity 4. Stay tuned!

Sep 16

Out of Office

During the next three weeks, the support will not be as fast as usual, because I won’t be in the office. All inquiries will be handled as usual, but be prepared that it may take longer.

Aug 24

Cloud System Free Upgrade

If you upgrade your Cloud System Free to 1.7 or newer, make sure to delete Assets/Plugins/Editor/CloudSystem/CloudSystem.Editor.dll.

Aug 22

Tink uses the Decal System

Mimimi Productions is using the Decal System for Tink. They are placing them in the levels and use them for color splashes at runtime.

Aug 20

Cloud System (Free) 1.7

Another Cloud System release is under review.

Version 1.7

– Made demos usable on mobiles.

-> Added (scalable) touchable buttons.

-> Changed the cloud material from SoftCloudMaterial to CloudMaterial.

– Each particle has now its own color. So far this is only supported at runtime.

– Updated demo scenes and added modified versions that look good in the free version as well.

– Box shapes have now a better 3d look.

-> The backface lines and planes are now more transparent and are painted first.

– Resolved: Null reference exception if a cloud based on Shuriken was selected when hitting play.

– Resolved: Cloud System Free compilable for mobiles.

– Removed hard edges and other glitches from the cloud texture.

Aug 20

Decal System 1.2

Another update of the Decal System is now under review:

Version 1.2

– Added “Cast Shadows” and “Receive Shadows” options. (Reported by Xatoku)

– Updated documentation

-> Projections onto terrain details are not supported. (Reported by makeshiftwings)

– Bullet Examples

-> Enhanced Bullet Examples with random decal projector rotations.

-> Added Bullet Example with vertex colors.

-> Added Bullet Example that reuses the existing lightmaps.

Aug 15

Modern Ruins uses the Decal System

The brilliant package Modern Ruins is available in the Unity Asset Store. Michael O. has created an outstanding product and we are proud to say that he used the Decal System in his pipeline.

Jul 24

Decal System 1.1.1 Released

An updated version of the Decal System is now available:

Version 1.1.1

– Added BulletExample documentation to the code.

– Workaround: Mesh data is modified by Unity as lightmaps are baked.


Jul 12

Decal System 1.1 Released

An updated version of the Decal System is now available.

Version 1.1

– Resolved: Inverted face bug for game objects with negative scales. (Reported by dreamora)

– Resolved: Gizmos not shown on Mac. (Reported by dreamora)

– Added a UnityScript implementation for the BulletExample.

Jul 05

Decal System 1.0 Released!

The Decal System is now in the Asset Store!

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