Aug 07

Decal System (Pro) 1.4

The next version of the Decal System will also have a paid Pro variant:

Version 1.4

  • Added Normals Smoothing for projectors.
  • Added draggable faces for projectors.
  • Added buttons for projectors adjust the size according to texture ratio.
  • Added Focusing for projectors in scene view.
  • Addex example scene for unstrechted bullets.
  • Added ProjectorRotationUtility class to simplify the rotation computation of runtime projectors.
    • All demos were updated to use it.
  • Changed default culling angle to 90 degrees.
  • Removed Undo/Redo warning.
  • Resolved culling angle issue. (Reported by Dmitriy Kuzmenko)
  • Resolved bump mapping issue. (Reported by Seith)
  • Resolved a matrix computation issue in the examples. (Reported by Chris Crafty)
  • Added warnings and exceptions if affected meshes are not readable or statically batched. (Reported by sburgoon)
  • Workaround for a crash bug due to an unwrapping issue in Unity. (Reported by eskovas)

Decal System Pro

  • Added Texture Atlas Assets.
    • Automatic Tiling.
  • Added Vertex Colors.
    • Added corresponding shaders.
    • Added colored skinned example.
  • Added Project After Offset option.
  • Added details for affected renderers in inspector.
  • Added Terrain density.
  • Allow recomputation of projected UVs and UV2s at runtime (GenericDecalsMesh.UpdateProjectedUV/2 (…)).
  • Added support for fast updates of UVs, UV2s and vertex colors at runtime.
    • Added example scene: Bootcamp Simple UV Rectangle Index Update.
    • Added example scene: Bootcamp Simple Vertex Color Update.

Special thanks to Seith for extensive testing!

The packages are currently under review and are usually available within a few days.