Mar 12

Decal System 1.3

Another update of the Decal System is now under review:

Version 1.3

  • Unity 4 required.
    • Several workarounds and conditional compilations could be removed.
  • Resolved: Projector gizmos are not shown if the decals game object is selected. (Reported by mentalBLUR studio)
    • Projector gizmos are always shown as a workaround.
  • Improved projector box visualization.
    • Nicer integration with the environment thanks to the GL class.
  • Resolved: Decals in prefabs create an uncontrollable number of mesh assets. (Reported by mentalBLUR studio)
  • SkinQuality is taken into account for Skinned Decals.
    • SkinnedDecalsMesh.Add (…) signature has changed accordingly.
  • Due to a bounds issue, updateWhenOffscreen is enabled by default for all skinned decals mesh renderers.
  • Added Bullet Example for skinned meshes.

The package is currently under review and is usually available within a few days.