Monthly Archive: October 2012

Oct 13

Decal System 1.2.1

Another update of the Decal System is now under review: Version 1.2.1 Resolved: Inverted triangles in some cases. (Reported by Igor Samuilov) Added Bullet Example for dynamic objects. Unity 4 Preview Due to the changed API in Unity 4, the Decal System didn’t work so far. This update has a package named Unity4.unitypackage. You have …

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Oct 13

Cloud System (Free) 1.7.1

This Cloud System release resolves some issues. Version 1.7.1 Resolved: Bounding Box Recalculation does not pass the new bounding box to the mesh renderers (Custom and Simple Custom)! Resolved: UseParticleColors can now be set for cloud references. The package is currently under review and is usually available within a few days.

Oct 12


I am finally back! My next task is to publish new versions of the Cloud System and Decal System which resolve some issues. There is probably going to be an additional package in the Decal System with some dll’s for Unity 4. Stay tuned!