Monthly Archive: June 2012

Jun 29

Decal System Submitted for Review

The Decal System is now under review by Unity. Meanwhile you can have a look at the Decal System Videos. Stay tuned…

Jun 23

Cloud System (Free) 1.6.1 Released

Minor release for the Cloud System. One bug resolved and cleaned up some documentation. Version 1.6.1 – Resolved: Particle colors of Simple Custom renderers were not updated in all the needed cases. – Updated Readme.txt und Getting Started.pdf to take the new folder structure from version 1.6 into account.

Jun 23

Rigify to Unity 1.2.1 Released

This release contains some small imprvements, especially in the documentation. As usual Rigify to Unity is available in the Unity Asset Store.

Jun 07

Cloud System (Free) 1.6 Released

Version 1.6 of the Cloud System comes with several changes. The folder structure has been changed and the majority of the code is now bundled in dll’s. From now on there is also going to be a free edition named Cloud System Free. The editor tools are identical in both versions, but the free version …

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