Monthly Archive: February 2012

Feb 24

Rigify to Unity Tutorial

A few weeks ago I made a tutorial video about Rigify to Unity. I am not really happy with it and just can’t find the time at the moment to record another one. So I though it is better to share that one than nothing.

Feb 21

Lightning Cloud Shader (Preview)


Along with the Shuriken integration for the Cloud System, the next release will also include a Lightning Cloud Shader. It is a pretty simple surface shader and I was surprised by the results I could easily achieve with it. The clouds are lit by three point light. Beside the red and blue lights, there is …

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Feb 18

Cloud System 1.3 Released

This release of the Cloud System contains a few usability improvements. Version 1.3 – Major refactoring for the updating of the clouds in the editor. – Shape moving now supports local space. – Renamed CS_Cloud.Transform to CS_Cloud.CachedTransform. – Removed context click functionality. – Improved inspector gui layout. – Removed “Cast Shadow” as there is no …

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